Our Services at a Glance

Our Services at a Glance

Our Nature of Maid Service in the UAE

Full Time Maid
Part Time Maid

Our maids can be classified based to their services

Au Pair Maid ( Child Care Service-Dubai)

Their Scope of work (Full Time Maid Service).

  • Child care (From walking to Pick up ad drop off to school)
  • Outing with children with close watch on their security.
  • Monitoring and mentoring children school works.
  • Taking care after all the belongings of children like toys etc.
  • Ironing and laundering child’s cloth.
  • Cleaning room and Bathroom.
  • Taking care of their beddings.
  • Monitoring their wake up & bed time schedules.
  • Partially active in House Holds.
  • Cleaning windows and Floors (Partially Acting as House Cleaners in Sharjah & Ajman).
  • Looking After Pets.


  • It so take care of Infants, toddlers and Kids (Full Time Maid Service).

Nursery Maid

  • Taking care of Daily Affairs of children (Full Time maid service or Part time Maid Service).


  • Taking care after Infants, Toddlers, Kids and children (Part Time Maid Service).

Maid for Ordinary tasks or Between Maid

  • For pre-defined typical duties or tasks like assisting the parties or other type of gatherings (Full Time maid service or Part time Maid Service).

Scullery Maid

  • An Assistant to head kitchen maid (Full Time maid service or Part time Maid Service).


  • From cleaning & ironing clothes to folding it and maintain the cupboards (Part Time Maid Service).

House Keeper

  • A veteran acting as head maid and mentoring the team to care household (Full time or Part Time Maid Service.)


  • For residential cleaning or Office cleaning (Part Time Maid Service.)

Kitchen Maid (A professional Cook)

  • For cooking foods (Part Time Maid Service).

Wet Nursing or Dry Nursing (On special request only, Full time maid service or Part time maid service )

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