Laundering and Ironing your delicates is not an easy task but our years of experience made us perfect in the business.

We do launder by using the detergents in a proportion so it may not get waste and may not affect the fabric or color. Ironing is an art and should be done on the basis of fabrics and method of stitching for eg. Tunic or skirt.

Our strategy at Laundry

  • Segregation of clothes on the basis their light and deep colors to avoid color fade affect in the machine while washing.
  • Segregation of clothes based to their fabrics.
  • Selection of relevant detergent as per fabric in proportion to add.
  • Spotting and treating the stains perfectly
  • Using the tips to prevent shrinking
  • Setting up Cleaning Depot
  • We never over load the dryer
  • Hanging the dried clothes carefully to resist wrinkling and rust marks

Our strategy at Ironing

  • For highly delicate clothes we use inside out ironing
  • Use soaked cloth
  • Our method defers based on type of fabric and stitch

Measures and Precautions while ironing

  • Keeping iron out of the reach of children
  • Not sparing hot iron until it turns cold
  • Reading safety manual with Iron before using it
  • Trained to treat burn event
  • Disconnect iron after usage

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